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Welcome to the BEAR Lab at the Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester .

BEAR stands for Behavioral Enhancement and Adaptive Reality (or Be Enthusiastic About Research :D). We focuse on understanding, predicting and enhancing user behavior in Mixed Reality (MR) interaction. We capture the user’s behavioral and perceptual patterns with computational methods; develop input techniques and adaptive user interfaces to facilitate human-computer two-way communication; explore unique behavioral enhancements enabled by MR.

BEAR lab is headed by Prof. Yukang Yan. We are recruiting Ph.D. students to join the lab in 2024 Fall. If you want to work with us, please check out our Team page and this note.

Selected Publications

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Yu Jiang*, Zhipeng Li*, Mufei He, David Lindlbauer, Yukang Yan.
ACM CHI 2023
Zhipeng Li, Yikai Cui, Tianze Zhou, Yu Jiang, Yuntao Wang, Yukang Yan, Michael Nebeling, Yuanchun Shi.
Yukang Yan, Chun Yu, Wengrui Zheng, Ruining Tang, Xuhai Xu, Yuanchun Shi.
ACM CHI 2020
Yukang Yan, Chun Yu, Xiaojuan Ma, Xin Yi, Ke Sun, Yuanchun Shi.
ACM CHI 2018
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